The project was financed by the EC, and managed by the Croatian CFCA under the CARDS 2004.

The project “Support to Maximise the Socio-Economic Development Effects of Sveto Brdo Mountain Tourism Resort for Lika-Senj County – Infrastructure Technical Documentation and Support for Labour Market and Supply Chain Development Activities” known as “Sveto Brdo Project”, was successfully implemented by EPTISA in partnership with Pohl Consulting and DVOKUT Ecro. The project started in August 2007 and finished on 22nd  December 2008.

The projects’ key achievements, among others, include:

  • The Conceptual Design of the Core Area of the Sveto Brdo Mountain Tourism Resort;
  • The 3D Model of the area has been finalised and made available to the Beneficiary;
  • Key elements for establishing of the Sveto Brdo Development Agency (SBDA) have been completed and fully operational version of the Agency web site launched;
  • Vocational education and training courses have been successfully completed;
  • A regional supply chain concept to be applied by the SBDA in future has been developed;
  • An entrepreneurship development program has been successfully carried out from September to November 2008 applying an approach in which training sessions and mentoring sessions were combined.

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