Eptisa as a Leading partner in the consortium with DAPHNE Institute of Applied Ecology (Slovakia) and SIA Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment (Latvia), has been appointed to implement the EU-funded Continued support to implementation of Chapter 27 in the area of nature protection (NATURA 2000) project.

The overall objective of this project is to increase the effectiveness of the Beneficiary country’s preparation for EU accession, in area of nature protection. Through the project purpose, Eptisa is entrusted to assist the Beneficiary country to carry out the preparation of establishment of Natura 2000 network.

This Project is conceived to promote and reinforce the implementation of the Natura 2000 network in Serbia and as a tool to reinforce and support the authorities of the Republic of Serbia in the area of Nature conservation. The project expects to achieve five main results. Firstly, the status of the information regarding the species and habitats of the EU Birds and Habitats directives will be reviewed. As regard the Birds Directive and according to the Bird life Int. criteria, the list of 43 potential SPAs has been prepared, therefore the pending work is the revised selection of the IBAs and selection of areas to become SPAs, the demarcation of borders cartography and elaboration of the SDF with the corresponding data.

The following results are expected to be achieved by the Consortium:

  1. Result 1 – Designation process for potential SPAs and pSCis substantially completed (at least 80% of SPAs and at least 50% of pSCis), according to the Birds and Habitat Directives, for NATURA 2000 Network;
  2. Result 2 – Information System, Data base and GJS for NATURA 2000 developed;
  3. Result 3 – Harmonization of National legislation with EU directives related to nature protection revised and completed;
  4. Result 4 – Technical and administrative capacity for implementation of nature protection legislation strengthened;
  5. Result 5 – Public awareness campaign for NATURA 2000 implemented.