The project implemented by EPTISA was financed by the Spanish Agency for International Co-operation (AECI) with the total budget of € 219,900.

Considering the on-going needs for improvement of management of the Neretva River Basin and the results of previous collaborations with the AECI and EPTISA, Agency for watershed of Adriatic Sea – Mostar, suggested the continuation of the activities that has been started in the project “Integrated Management of the Neretva River Basin” in 2007.

The overall aim of this project is to support the “Agency for watershed of Adriatic Sea – Mostar” in the implementation of a Decision Support System for sustainable flood management, in order to enhance preparedness planning, response and recovery with emphasis on flood prediction, monitoring, emergency, response and public involvement.

The Neretva River is one of the major potential energy sources in the country, with five hydropower plants in its catchment area, and the river basin is one of Europe’s most environmentally sensitive areas. Therefore, it is necessary to develop essential mechanisms/tools that will allow analyzing different operation protocols of the existing reservoirs for defense against flood events, which have to be verified using a hourly scales model (48 hours – 72 hours).

Within the project, EPTISA will conduct, among others, analysis and processing of available data from the Agency and from existing rainfall and hydrological gauges, as well as develop hydrological and hydraulic model, and decision-making software application.