Donor: EU – PHARE
Budget: € 314,980

Project Description:

The main objective of the project was the strengthening of the institutional capacity for environmental management of the Government of Romania.

The specific objectives of the complementary services conducted by the Consultant were:

  • Provision of recommendations on institutional arrangements at the central, national level, including reforms at the MoWEP and at the newly established National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA);
  • Development of a comprehensive and consistent approach for environmental governance in Romania; and
  • Development of the needs of institutional reforms at the level of the Ministry.

Types of services provided within the project included:

  • Assessment of the institutional needs for the functioning NEPA;
  • Assessment of the institutional context in which NEPA has to operate;
  • Recommendations for the institutional structure of the NEPA;
  • Recommendations for the job descriptions of the NEPA staff;
  • Institutional requirements for putting in function and running the NEPA, laid down in an institutional development plan, which included human resources plan, financial plan, training and recruitment plan of the Agency staff, and communication plan with central, regional and local institutions;
  • TA for identifying the required legislative framework for the organisation and functioning of the Agency.