Donor: European Investment Bank (EIB)
Budget: 3,500,000 EUR

Project Description:

The main objective of the project was to prepare a full, detailed design to international standards to incorporate this design into the works tender dossiers, which complies with Romanian design standards, codes and specifications.

The design included the following components:

  • Route surveying and setting-out; elaboration of a verified topographical study complying with Romanian Law;
  • Detailed design of Alignment; preparation of the rehabilitation plan and the design profiles of the project road, using the tile sheets as required byt the National Administration of Roads (NAR);
  • Detailed design of Road Structure, carrying out the necessary investigation of materials and the pavement design;
  • Complete study of bridges and drainage structures: Supervision of the infrastructure and superstructure of exiting bridges and minor drainage works;
  • Estimation of costs, preparing the bills of quantities from the final design drawings;
  • Preparation of the engineering drawings for the road project using the format as required by the NAR;
  • Elaboration of the environmental impact assessment;
  • Development of a land acquisition plan; identification of plots and landowners;
  • Construction supervision and qualitative follow-up of the works and the constructor’s quality plan; assessment and control in quality of materials and surveillance of the fulfilment of environmental impact restrictions.