Budget: €1,800,000

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project was to provide the institutional development necessary for the transposition and implementation of the harmonised environmental legislation in Romania in conformity with EU Acquis on environmental policy. In doing so, the project was directed to first, strengthening the central Government capacity, and second, supporting the regional and local development in environmental management. Finally, and as a third component, a Public Information and Awareness unit was setup at the Ministry.

Types of services conducted within the project included:

  • Support to Enforcement of Environmental Legislation;
  • Increase of Environmental Awareness, Communication and Stakeholders Participation;
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building to the Ministry of Environment;
  • Accreditation of laboratories;
  • Cost assessment of the application of EU-Directives, Financial Analysis and planning methodology for necessary investments;
  • Organization of Training Programmes for Environmental Institutions and Inspectors;
  • Capacity Building in Environmental Management, Monitoring and Reporting;
  • Approximation of Environmental Legislation, etc.