Donor: EU – PHARE
Budget: 1,196,400 EUR

Project Description:

The general objective of the project was to provide a safer road infrastructure through the implementation of a Road Safety Audit System, including legislative and institutional framework providing all the guiding procedures for a smooth operating of the system.

Activities carried out throughout the project included:

  • Analysis of the problems of road safety; identification of the existing procedures and carrying out ther evaluation;
  • Presentation of the proposal for the safety audit system, including the institutional and legislative framework;
  • Integration of the road safety audit in the processes of planning, designing, building, modernisation, rehabilitation, maintaining and administration of the road for reducing the risks of accidents;
  • Identification and treatment of blackspots;
  • Developing the awareness and responsibility of the designers, constructors, administrators and traffic police concerning the importance of road safety;
  • Preparation of guiding documents for the systems functioning in the road planning, design, construction and administration;
  • Development of draft laws, design of a formal national safety audit procedure;
  • Development of an institutional system for training and certifying safety auditors.