Donor: FEV – Ministry of Economy of Spain
Budget: 199,600 €

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project is the provision of collection, treatment and disposal facilities for the solid waste from the municipalities of Valjevo, Ub, Lajkovac, Ljig, Mionica, Osecina, Vladimirci, Koceljeva, Barajevo, Lazarevac and Obrenovac, serving a population of 440,000 inhabitants.

The primary objectives are the preparation of a comprehensive Feasibility Study, including an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), with the purpose to:

  • Demonstrate in detail the feasibility of the proposed project to achieve its objectives;
  • Prepare the documentation necessary for appraisal by (Inter)national Financing Institutions (IFIs);
  • Obtain the commitment of the parties involved (municipalities, central government, IFIs and donor community, etc.) to provide the necessary financial means to implement the project;
  • Verify that the project is prepared in compliance with the EU and national regulations.

Specific activities carried out by Eptisa include:

  • Preparation of the Feasibility Study (Socio-economic Considerations; Institutional Framework Assessment; Financial, Economic and Institutional Analysis; Assessment of Operational Efficiency);
  • Technical Analysis and Conceptual design (Project description including general, technical, technological, and operational data; Inventory of existing landfills; Review of the proposed locations for the new regional sanitary landfill);
  • Preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Preparation of a Project Implementation Plan;
  • Training Programme: organise and implement appropriate focused training addressing Municipality/ PUCs/MESP involvement in waste management;
  • Overall Project Management and Backstopping.

For further details related to this project please contact: Mr. Dragan Kostadinov, Project Director, e-mail: