Donor: World Bank
Budget: 8,534,977 EUR

Project Description:

The Corridor X is one of the pan-European corridors. It runs between Salzburg in Austria and Thessaloniki in Greece. The corridor passes through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece and has four branches, including Branch C: E-80 Nis (Serbia) – Sofia (Bulgaria).

The Public Enterprise “Roads of Serbia” has set-up a special company, named KORIDOR 10 d.o.o, to construct the missing parts of corridor X in Serbia.

EPTISA’s consulting services comprise supervision of construction works on the highway E80, section Prosek-Dimitrovgrad (Corridor Xc), excluding sub-section Cifiik-Pirot (East), in total length of 59,6 km, on behalf of K10 d.o.o, including specifically:

  • Supervision of the Contractors in all aspects, of fulfillment of their obligations, responsibilities and undertakings made with respect to carrying out and completing of the Works contracts (Engineer according to the FIDIC Red book);
  • Assistance to the K10 d.o.o, including its associated duties to the IFIs (determinations, financial control and reporting);
  • Establishment of supervision methodology and systems that may be adopted as a standard for employment on future projects (documentary and software support shall be provided by the Consultant);
  • Provision of necessary evidentiary records and analyses and acting as the expert witness on the side of the K10 d.o.o if any dispute issues arise out of the Project;
  • Co-operation with the Consultant for supervision of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) implementation.

For further details related to this project please contact: Mr. Dragan Kostadinov, Project Director, e-mail: