Donor: EU – CARDS
Budget: 1,400,000 EUR

Project Description:

The objective of the project is to support the socio-economic development of Serbia in line with EU standards by improving national public investment and budget planning. In other words, this project is designed to support public investment/capital budget planning processes in Serbia at strategic/policy and operational levels according to EU best practices.

The project includes the following phases:

PHASE 1 – Elaboration of National Public Investment Objectives:

  • Design and elaboration of an overall Action Plan to develop the medium term public investment/capital budget planning based on a review of existing national priorities defined in the NIP, multi-sectoral strategies, sector strategies, NPI and Public Investment priorities, etc.;

PHASE 2 – Budgeting for Investment Priorities:

  • Building the Programmatic Budgeting Process: Improving the Budget Memorandum preparation process, integrating NIP/NPI priorities, addressing expenditure projections/ceilings, methodology issues and strengthening central coordination, within the scope of public investment priorities and budgetary parameters;
  • Improvement of definition of programme/project criteria, methodology and procedures that connect with strategic priorities involving a mix of capital projects, grant schemes etc.;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Improvement of the overall public financial management/expenditure system to promote better public financial management by building monitoring and evaluation capabilities in the Ministry of Finance;
  • Definition/clarification of authority and responsibilities in the public investments/capital budget planning and implementation process: improvement of management and control systems to cover all phases of the Project Cycle Management, from project selection, procurement and contracting, through to monitoring and evaluation.

PHASE 3 – Institutional and Human Resource Capacity Building (Training and Instruction):

  • Building Capacities in the Ministry of Finance, line ministries and other key actors to carry out future budget programming, procurement, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. This phase includes also awareness raising and communications activities.

For details related to specific project tasks and activities you can contact Mr. Branko Mikasinovic, Project Director, e-mail: