Donor: EU
Budget: EUR 1.163.275

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project is to support social inclusion policies and development of the range and quality of community-based social services for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, including Roma.

The purposes of this contract are as follows:

  • Strengthen  the  institutional  capacities  at  the  national  and  local  level  to  manage  social inclusion policies across the country;
  • Develop Community-based Social Services for vulnerable groups;
  • Support the implementation of active inclusion initiatives for Roma population.

To meet these objectives, EPTISA, as a consortium leader with WYG and EPTISA Southeast Europe d.o.o., must achieve the following results:

  • Result 1: The IPA Implementation Unit within the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy possesses full institutional capacities to manage grant schemes contributing to the implementation of relevant sector policies.
  • Result 2: Grant recipients at the local and regional level across Serbia are able to implement EU­ funded projects maximising efficiency and effectiveness, as well as ensuring financial and administrative sustainability of the proposed actions, within the framework of applicable (EU and national) regulations and norms.
  • Result 3: National and local authorities in  charge of regulating and providing social services (including MoLESP, LSGs, CSO, NGOs, NES, private providers, etc.) received support in drafting and implementing strategies, as well as in formulating and implementing specific actions aimed at establishing and providing services  to vulnerable groups in a community-based setting.
  • Result 4: The livelihood of Roma population improved through the implementation of active inclusion initiatives, implemented at the local and regional level across Serbia.

For more information about this project, please contact EPTISA’s Regional Office for Southeast Europe at: