Donor: European Commission
Budget: 4,774,750 €

Project Description:

The overall objective of this Contract is to support the development of a sustainable sectoral policy for the environment in Algeria, with a focus on the metropolitan area of Algiers.

The purpose of this Contract is to strengthen the sectoral capacity for the environment and the implementation of reference strategies and to support, advise and provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment (MATE) and other institutions under its authority for the implementation of the Programme.

Project activities:

  1. Assistance in the internal organisation of the PSU;
  2. Assistance in preparation of reports, including interim and final reports;
  3. Assistance in research and mobilisation of experts;
  4. Support to exchange of experiences and study tours;
  5. Support in the preparation of the Programme exit strategy;
  6. Overall Project Management and Backstopping.

The expected results include the following:

  1. Strengthening of the sectoral strategy for the environment;
  2. Capacity Building of the institutions and human resources;
  3. Integrated Planning across watersheds of the Algerian coastal region (PAC-ZCA).

For further details related to this project please contact our Regional office at: