Donor: Public
Budget: € 110,000

Project Description:

The project included the elaboration of the Sector and Regional Plan for the Basque Ports. This study revolved around three principal concepts:

  • Analysis of the current situation of the ports of the Basque Country in terms of economy, technology, level of service, users and environment in the regional framework of action;
  • Elaboration of a strategic document comprised of different alternatives and under different scenarios of market development and government directives;
  • Layout of an action plan that will enable the implementation of the objectives agreed with different port authorities and the Basque Government.

Types of services

  • Analysis and diagnose of current situation: Document revision, previous studies, legislation and administration procedures, environmental assessment, socio-economic report, port statistics, etc.;
  • Port planning: SWOT analysis, economic evaluation regarding infrastructures, market share, competitors, growth opportunities, meetings, periodic reports, client management, etc.;
  • Strategy layout and action plan: Elaboration of a clear and realistic document that is accessible to authorities, ports and end users.