Donor: Public
Budget: € 521,683

Project Description:

A crucial aspect in any port is the ability to receive and forward cargo to its final destination. A port cannot operate if it’s not well accessible or if it is restricted by the existing road system. For that reason, Eptisa was awarded the specifications project for new road access to the port with a clear focus on adapting the new road layout (total length of 7,1 km) to heavy container and cargo transportation.

The road layout presents 4 rive crossings and implies 15 bridge constructions for both traffic and pedestrians. It affects 3 local roads and it will become the direct access to the port since it gives access to the local highway entrance.

Types of services

a) Technical Study containing the following components:

  • Analysis of the most optimum alignment in respect of the traffic forecasts and topographical characteristics;
  • Revision of the alignment;
  • Determination of the situation concerning ownership and right-of-way;
  • Revision of surverys/site investigations of the worst affected spots;
  • Specification level design of the project;
  • Cost estimates based on quantities and unit costs.

b) Environmental Impact Assessment including:

  • Elaboration of an Impact Assessment Programme;
  • Analysis of the current state of the environment along the route and evaluation of the sensitivity of any protected area;
  • Assessment of expected environmental impacts;
  • Measures suggested for mitigation of negative environmental impact;

c) Overall Project Management