Donor: Ministry of Public Works and Transport
Budget: € 916,729

Project Description:

The section Sils – Caldes de Malavella runs through the municipalities of Sils and Caldes de Malavella, within the province of Girona. The constant and growing traffic demand, with the high percentage of heavy vehicles, coupled with the adopted Infrastructure Plan, made the conversion of the current N-II road to highway route A2 necessary.

Activities included:

  • Supervision and monitoring of quality assurance procedures and implementation of quality assurance plan;
  • Monitoring quality control of work;
  • Quantitative control of the works performed;
  • Surveillance and monitoring of construction procedures;
  • Supervision, Monitoring and Development of Insurance Plan of Contractor Quality;
  • Measurements;
  • Materials and execution reports;
  • Performing day-to-day construction supervision (in accordance with FIDIC Similar Conditions of Contract);
  • Issuance of variation orders, advice on claims and other contract matters arising during the course of the project and settling of any dispute;
  • Issuing of completion certificates and taking-over documents;
  • Compilation of operational and maintenance programme, carrying out of testing, inspection and commissioning including inspection of final documentation and verification of as-built drawings.