Donor: Regional Government of Aragon
Budget: 560,000,000 EUR (total works), 8,000,000 EUR (service contract)

Project Description:

Project objective included complex, integrated management system for control and follow-up of execution, deadlines and costs during construction of complex infrastructure. Project consisted of single buildings for EXPO 2008 in Zaragoza, covering an area of 40 hectares.

Some of buildings included: Trade fair park, international stands, regional stands, Spanish stand, congress palace, bridge pavilion, aquarium, river port, river park bridge, parking, toilet facilities, gardens, riverside groves and natural spaces, botanical garden, metropolitan area, hotel, etc.

Activities carried out included:

  • Effective coordination of the Project Managers and Central Technical Office;
  • Reporting on legal and contractual potential conflicts;
  • Reviewing, adaptation and refining of the communication and supervision management procedures;
  • Construction Management and Quality Assurance, including Internal Supervision of the Works;
  • Direction and overall coordination of the works and study of security and health; etc.