Donor: Zabalgabri
Budget: 1,145,000 EUR

Project Description:

The project aimed at the construction of the Urban Solid Waste Treatment  Plant for Energy Recovery for the region of Bizkaia, with capacity to treat 30 Tn/hour USW and installed power of 100 MW, including access vial, morphological and forestry recovery of the application area of the Special Plan of the necessary infrastructures for its functioning (gas, pipeline, high voltage electric line, water suppy line, sewerage, catchment of water for refrigeration).

Activities carried our by Eptisa included:

  • Project elaboration for the execution of the main infrastructures;
  • Tender for the award of the project;
  • Technical assistance for the review of the project of the USW plant;
  • TA for the Supervision of the construction works;
  • TA on the construction works;
  • Start up of the Energy Recovery Plant.