Donor: EU
Budget: EUR 1,032,400

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to support long-term and sustainable inclusion of persons with disabilities as equal and active citizens of their communities and the society at large, by supporting and enhancing the implementation of the new National Deinstitutionalization Strategy 2018-2027.

Results to be achieved by this contract are as follows:

  1. Result 1 – Established a favourable and coherent legal (bylaws, procedures, rules, etc.) and policy framework for development, provision and expansion of community based social services.
  2. Result 2 – Strengthened capacities of state and non-state actors at central and local level (national and local institutions, social care institutions, centres for social work – CSWs, civic society organizations, organizations of persons with disabilities service providers, professional and academic institutions, etc.) for effective delivery and expansion of community based social services.
  3. Result 3 – Enhanced local self-government involvement in development, provision and expansion of community based social services.
  4. Result 4 – Raised awareness overall and among the professional sector and the general public about the benefits and advantages of deinstitutionalisation and the provision of community based social services

Activities of the project will be implemented through 4 Components, namely:

  1. Component 1 – Favourable and coherent legal and policy framework
  2. Component 2 – Capacity strengthening at national level
  3. Component 3 – Enhancement of local self-government involvement
  4. Component 4 – Sector coordination, communication and awareness rising

For more information about this project, please contact EPTISA’s Regional Office for Southeast Europe at: