Donor: EU
Budget: EUR 3,198,900

Project Description:

The overall objective of this contract is to provide TA to the EUD in Serbia in its information, communication and media activities aimed at increasing public awareness and understanding of the EU, its values, functioning, institution, policies, programmes and assistance to Serbia and their impact on Serbian citizens and businesses, as well as of Serbia’s accession process. Under the guidance and supervision of the Contracting Authority, this contract will be the focal point for communication and information on the EU to the Serbian public.

Results to be achieved:

  1. Achieve a high level of visibility of the EU activities, initiatives, programmes and its assistance in Serbia through efficient professional and targeted communication strategies;
  2. Provide accurate and interesting information about accession-negotiations process and integration into the EU aimed to increase the understanding of the EU and Serbia’s EU integration among general public;
  3. Efficiently assist the EU Delegation in informing national and local media to ensure increased coverage in print and electronic media of EU news, activities of EU Delegation, EUIC and EUIP, and especially EU funded projects and success stories;
  4. Regular and well attended media-covered campaigns and events;
  5. Increase visits to user-friendly, operational and modern bi-lingual websites (English and Serbian) and social media;
  6. Establish and maintain a coordinated and impactful communication of relevant EU integration stakeholders in Serbia, in particular with other EU-funded projects, to maximise overall impact of communication activities;
  7. Display the EU as an interesting, modern and lively model.


  1. Design and implementation of communication strategy;
  2. Enhance and steer communication on the EU, its assistance programmes in Serbia and the accession process;
  3. Organisation of campaigns, events and competitions, visits and trainings;
  4. Public diplomacy activities;
  5. Operation and Management of the EU Info Centre (EUIC) in Belgrade and two EU Info Points (EUIP) – in Nis and Novi Sad;
  6. Research, analysis and media review;
  7. Media monitoring and reporting on the media coverage of EU activities in Serbia;
  8. Networking;
  9. Creation and timely distribution of Information products;
  10. Technical management and maintenance of Online Communication tools;
  11. Technical Assistance and support activities.

For more information about this project, please contact EPTISA’s Regional Office for Southeast Europe at: