Donor: EU
Budget: 2,198,900 EUR

Project Description:

flood-hazard-map-turkeyThe overall objective of the project is to prevent flooding and its effects in the long-term through local institutional capacity building in the GAP Region. The technical assistance team support the GAP RDA under two components:

  • Component 1 – grant scheme implementation capacities: Assisting the GAP RDA with the implementation of the two grant schemes; 12.8 MEURO Physical Planning and Investment Component and 2.2 MEURO Social Support Component;
  • Component 2 – flood mitigation capacities: Capacity building activities for all stakeholders (and GAP staff, in relation to sustainable flood risk management, disaster management, and including pilot activity).

Types of activities within the project include:

Component 1

  • Preparation of a risk assessment for the selected grant projects;
  • Review and adaptation of the grant scheme manual;
  • Preparation of a training curriculum and training to Grant Beneficiaries;
  • Establishment of a support facility;
  • Preparation of a monitoring framework, a monitoring manual and database, training on monitoring, and delivery of monitoring;
  • Establishment of a grant scheme evaluation framework;
  • Establishment of a project website for dissemination / Information;
  • Preparation of a project information brochures and organisation of a dissemination event.

Component 2

  • Needs analysis for flood mitigation capacity building;
  • Preparation of an action plan for training activities and a training curriculum;
  • Application of the new flood risk directive on one pilot project (preparation of flood hazard maps, flood risk maps);
  • Capacity building activities for flood mitigation;
  • Preparation of awareness campaigns (e.g. brochures, posters, information maps, handbooks);
  • Organisation of two one-week study visits and a final event on capacity building for flood mitigation; as well as
  • Preparation of a sustainability plan / project exit strategy for flood mitigation capacity building.