Donor: IDA
Budget: 299,865 USD

Project Description:

The overall purpose of the project is assessment of the current situation in the country regarding health care infrastructure and provision of support to the government with the detailed elaboration of an appropriate health facility rationalization plan for establishment of the comprehensive network of outpatient and inpatient care facilities throughout the country and identification of needs for medical equipment investments in PHC referral hospitals as the integral part of the master plan.

The objectives of this contract are as follows:

  • Development of the Master Plan for restructuring of health care facilities throughout Albania. The Master Plan will be based on the overall Health Sector Strategy, relevant international norms and standards for health care facilities and infrastructure;
  • Development of Implementation Plan in accordance with the overall rationalization strategy;
  • Identification of services to be offered at different levels of care and additional investments in medical equipment in PHC referral hospitals to implement recommendations identified in the Master Plan. Preparation of the complete inventory of equipment needs with technical specifications to be delivered under the HSMP;
  • Development of practical monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for assessment of Master Plan impacts on sector performance; and
  • Preparation and implementation of training courses for employees at the MoH and in the health facilities focused in the development and implementation of the Master Plan.

For details about the project, you can contact Mr. Gonzalo Pena, Project Director at: