Donor: Spanish Agency for International Co-operation
Budget: €160,000

Project Description:

Bosnia and Herzegovina is ensuring the protection and rational use of its water resources by application of Integrated Water Management principles in accordance with EU Water Framework Directive.

This project provides support for protection and management of the Bosna River Basin through implementation of a hydrodynamic mathematical model of propagation of water waves and an advection-dispersion model for the analysis of incidental pollutions along the watercourse of the Bosna River through the following activities:

  • Creation of a hydraulic model of the Bosna River Basin sections;
  • Integrated Water Resources Management and River Basin data collection;
  • The integration of hydrodynamic models with information systems;
  • Hydrological studies to allow the estimation of the water flows;
  • The hydraulic study for calculation of the reachable levels of the flows locations;
  • Digital Land Model and Orthophotos;
  • Creation of a water quality model to address solutions to the identified needs based on using HEC-RAS model as a general platform for modelling; and
  • Organisation of a Study Tour and training.