Donor: EU – Phare 2004
Budget: 1,249,300 Eur

Project Description:

The main objective of the project was to achieve integrated waste management and higher quality of the services provided at a local and regional level through establishment of regional waste management systems compliant with the requirements of the national legislation and EU regulatory framework in the waste management sector.

The project included the following activities:

  • Information collection and evaluation;
  • Participatory workshops/strategic framework: Establish agreement between key stakeholders on the framework strategic issues for integrated regional waste management and compliance with National legislation/European Directives;
  • Preparation of updated municipal waste management programmes;
  • Establishment of Regional Waste Management Bodies (RWMBs) to ensure progressive development of waste management services on a regional basis, and compliance with National legislation and European Directives;
  • Strengthening of administrative capacity to ensure that the necessary documents/guidelines/manuals are provided to assist the professional functioning of the RWMB, and Municipalities in the critical aspects of waste management;
  • Training, awareness and dissemination: development of skills of professional staff to undertake key functions within a regional waste management system; foundation of public awareness to provide political impetus to improved waste management services.