Donor: EU
Budget: 1,200,300 EUR

Project Description:


The overall objective of the project was to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) in Kosovo to effectively plan and implement the energy and mining strategy and policy, and to fulfil the requirements of the Athens Memorandum and the Treaty on Energy Community in the SEE.




Specific objectives:

  • To assist and build the capacity of the Ministry of the Energy and Mining on implementing the energy policy and strategy. The staff of the Ministry will achieve the capacity to develop and implement the strategy and policies for the energy sector;
  • To assist the Ministry of Energy and Mining in fulfiling the requirements of the Treaty by implementing the European legislation on energy, environment, competition and renewable, and by defining mitigation measures for social effects of restructuring process;
  • To give support to the Ministry on the design of the budgeting scheme and the procurement process;
  • To assist the Ministry on promoting an investors friendly environment, by helping on the establishment of the operation of the “One-stop-shop”, as a focus point for the investors;
  • To review the existing organisational chart and make recommendations for reorganising the Statistics and Energy Balance Division;
  • To develop human resources: analysis of training needs and training program implementation for the staff in all departments involved in the field.