Client: EIB
Origin of funding: Green Initiative (GI Facility)
Budget: 6,000,000 EUR

Project Description: The overall objective of the consultancy services is to assist the EIB (through a consultancy framework agreement) to give support to the financial intermediaries (FIs) and final beneficiaries (FBs) during the implementation and operation of the Green Initiative (GI) Facility as well as other similar EU Facilities to be managed by the EIB during the period 2012-2016.

GI targets EE projects implemented by SMEs and energy service companies (ESCOs) in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Financial Intermediaries in this project are banks that on-lend EIB funds to FBs, and eligible Sub-Projects are investments on the energy demand side improving the energy performance of buildings, industry, infrastructure or equipment of an SME or investments implemented by ESCOs for SME end-users. The programme focuses on creating at least 30% energy savings for building sub-projects, and 20% in other cases, or at least 20% CO2 savings.

Specific activities carried out by Eptisa include:

  • Product development and standardisation;
  • Marketing activities;
  • Assistance in the selection, preparation, processing and verification of the eligible EE investment projects;
  • Capacity building for FI staff;
  • Support technical and financial project assessment, portfolio development and verification requirements;
  • Processing of EE/RE investments;
  • Energy audits;
  • Building energy performance certificate in line with the existing national legislation in compliance with the EPBD;
  • Sub-project verification.