Donor: FEV Spain
Budget: 199,000 EUR

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project is the provision of collection, treatment and disposal facilities for the waste from the municipalities of Niksic, Savnik and Pluzine in the Republic of Montenegro. The purpose of this project is preparation of a comprehensive Feasibility Study, and Environmental Impact Assessment and the preparation of a Short Term Investment Programme, that will improve the waste management services in the three municipalities.

Types of services provided by the Consultant include:

  • Preparation of the Feasibility Study;
  • Preparation of the preliminary “conceptual” design of a properly functioning of the landfill complying with the EU Waste Directive;
  • An Environmental Impact Assessment including scoping study, environmental baseline definition, assessment of environmental impacts, identification of mitigation measures and environmental monitoring program;
  • Preparation of a Short Term Investment Programme (STIP)that will include: Assessment /analysis of the current situation, preparation of the financial projections and cost-benefit analysis, as well as preparation of the procurement plan with implementation schedule;
  • Training
  • Project Management and Backstopping