Budget: 1,400,000 EUR

Project Description:

The Alto Tamega hydroelectric complex in Portugal, one of the largest projects of its kind in Europe, envisages the exploitation of hydroelectricity infrastructure at Gouvaes, Padroselos, Alto Tamega and Daivoes. The new installations will be located in close proximity to Galicia (Spain), where there are plans to upgrade electricity interconnections, between Spain and Portugal, and near the Duero and Sil hydro power stations in Spain.

EPTISA is developing the working project for the hydro-power plant in Gouvaes located in the basin of Alto Tamega, included in Portugal’s National Program of dams with high hydropower potential.

The activities consist in the feasibility study and working project for the overall Hydropower plant in Gouvaes: civil work design of dam, tunnels and hydroelectrical plant; design of electro-mechanical equipments and their specifications. Gouvaes Hydro-power plant will have a capacity of more than 850 megawatts.

Specific services provided by EPTISA include:

  • Implementation and supervision of basic infrastructure project;
  • Basic and Detailed Engineering Services;
  • Review of design documentation and project arrangements;
  • Topographical, cartographical and bathymetry work;
  • Warning and flood prevention systems;
  • Hydraulic and risks analysis;
  • Hydrological and hydraulic modelling and studies;
  • Civil Work project;
  • Project Coordination
  • Electromechanical equipment specifications;
  • Specifications: Civil works, pump and equipment;
  • Geological-geotechnical investigations (field and laboratory);
  • Alternative scenarios study;
  • Meteorological variables, quality of the water, level of the reservoir, etc.