Budget: 260,988 EUR

Project Description:

The Ministry of Public Health so far managed the quality of the drinking water through the system SINAC. They needed to complement this system providing it the geographic component to combine the information about drinking water quality with mapping and thematic information, so they are able to locate and analyze the information available on SINAC.

EPTISA developed and implemented a GIS accessible via web (light client) and desktop (weight client), with different access profiles to preserve the confidentiality of information. The application allows the Ministry to display and analyze information about quality of the water, its associated infrastructures, as well as water traceability, from catchment to supply networks.

Using this application, the Ministry of Health can perform important tasks such as:

  • Creation of maps and reports about SINAC information;
  • Visual representation about drinking water quality;
  • Supporting health and environmental studies;
  • Improving decision-making in emergency situations;
  • Localising priority care areas and perform risks and critic points analysis.