Donor: EU – IPA 2009
Budget: 905,000 EUR

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project is to assist in resolving the problems of refugees and IDPs in the Republic of Serbia through enhancing the capacities of unemployed IDPs to both obtain and retain employment within the social services sector.

The purposes of this contract are as follows:

  • Setting up of a PMU;
  • Design, manage and launch a grant scheme for social inclusion, raise public awareness and deliver training for future care providers.

Direct assistance will be provided through the following activities:

  • Completing a training needs analysis of potential IDP care providers, relevant Municipal staff, participants from service providers and designated participant representatives of MoLSP;
  • Capacity building – design, delivery and evaluation of training activities in all areas of the service delivery of social inclusion projects to project beneficiaries, Municipalities, local service agencies, CSO and individuals participating in the program;
  • Preparing the technical documentation for the Call for Proposals for grants to municipalities within Serbia;
  • Set up a team of assessors for the evaluation of the Call for Proposals;
  • Designing and delivering public announcements of grant scheme (Call for Proposals);
  • Supporting follow-up and provide mid-term and final monitoring of grant activities and funds in each of the selected municipalities in Serbia, and elaborate technical and financial reports;
  • Developing of communication campaign and organisation of various visibility events to promote supported community based social services;
  • Project management and backstopping.

For more details about this project please contact EPTISA’s Project Manager, Mr. Sinisa Bralic at: