Donor: Public
Budget: € 240,118

Project Description:

In order to comply with NATO requirements and continue to have a presence in Maritime Security, the Spanish Navy awarded the project for the design of docking structure.

The project consisted the following tasks:

  • Analysis of marine climate and harbour agitation studie with a focus on harbour resonance;
  • Geotechnical survey and geological descriptions of the project site;
  • Topography survey of the existing terminal;
  • Analysis of the docking ship type for tender design and layout;
  • Landfill supply plan for the quay wall construction;
  • Design of the quay wall, foundations, drainage solution and analysis of the overall stability;
  • Planning of operations and services to be performed in the terminal;
  • Elaboration of technical plans;
  • Elaboration of a safety and health at work plan;
  • Environmental impact assessment of the project including mitigation measures and an environmental follow-up plan.
  • Quality supervision of engineering projects (previous engineering studies and reports for the same project site: review of documents content and its compliance with the bid tender).