Donor: IPA (EU)
Budget: 1,410,500 EUR

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project is the reduced regional disparities in Croatia, by contribution to social stability through infrastructure construction as well as wastewater treatment plant; and the improved water supply and sewerage infrastructure and the treatment of waste water in the area of Slavonski Brod.

The Contract consists of supervision of construction works for the water supply and sewerage system with wastewater treatment plant for Slavonski Brod, namely:

  • Supervision Services during “Construction of Water Supply and Sewerage System”, includes improvement of water supply of existing consumers and for additional 4,300 new inhabitants with construction and reconstruction of 9 km of trunk mains, construction of 50 network nodes and construction of one service reservoirs. The contract also includes the construction of new sewerage system in the city of Slavonski Brod, Municipality of Klakar, Municipality of Gornja Vrba and Municipality of Podcrkavlje;
  • Supervision Services during “Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant”, includes construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant for 80.000 PE.

Specific activities carried out by Eptisa include:

  • Carrying out co-ordination and administration of contracts;
  • Conducting regular site inspections to check the quality of the workmanship and health and safety practice;
  • Checking the Design-Build Contractor’s major designs, shop and installation Drawings;
  • Reviewing of the Health, Safety and Environmental Plan;
  • Reviewing of the Design of the Works to secure the full compliance with the Contract (in particular with the Contracting Authority/Employer’s Requirements) (to the FIDIC Yellow Book and those elements in the Red Book which require such approval);
  • Training Programme: organise and implement appropriate focused training addressing Municipality/ PUCs/MESP involvement in waste management.

For further details related to this project please contact EPTISA Adria d.o.o. office in Zagreb, e-mail: